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Team Tech Competition

The Team Tech National Student Competition was established in 1992 as a SWE National Competition with sponsorship by The Boeing Company to emphasize the key role of teamwork and interface with industry in the engineering educational process. Team presenters receive free airfare to the conference, where they compete for prizes of $5,000 for first pace, $2,500 for second place; and $1250 for third place. Competing teams, ranging from four to 12 collegians and representing a minimum of three engineering disciplines, were formed in the fall. They submitted an initial, interim, and final report on a project of their choosing. In addition, each team has been working with an industrial advisor, who has also been responsible for ongoing evaluation of the team's progress. The teams and their projects will be evaluated in the following areas: Ability of the team to work together, use of engineering processes, product, quality of the results, ability of the team to work with industry. These presentations are challenging and represent the work that can be accomplished when we strive together.
When : Friday October 25, 2013 | 8:00am - 12:00pm
Event Type : Special Events
Facility & Room : BCC, 330
Track : Special Events